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Employee involvement

Engineers committed to innovation for human benefit

How Altran employees make their skills available to the Altran Foundation for Innovation?

What is coaching?

Ongoing Actions

2015 support of the laureates

The Altran Foundation for Innovation awarded the 2014 laureates with a technological and managerial support. The aim is to help the teams improving their projects.

The 2003 laureate

DBV was introduced to the NASDAQ

Altran is pleased to say that the startup DBV Technologies, founded by the pediatrician Pierre-Henri Benhamou , went public. Awarded in 2003 by Altran Foundation for Innovation, Dr. Benhamou had developed a patch that can detect allergy to cow's milk in children, the Diallertest® Milk ( Milk Viaskin® ).

The 2014 International Award

An international competition for innovation

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4 countries have participated in the 2014 International Awards. Among the national laureates France and Italy won the International Award 2014 and the Innovation Makers Award 2014, respectively.

OrganOx Infography

Laureate of the 2013 International Award

Discover the infography

The Foundation elected the UK project OrganOx as the winner of the 2013 International Award. Discover here an infography to better understand this innovative concept.