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2014 Award in France


Technological Innovation and cancer

There are more than 100 different types of cancer. The disease can touch almost all of the body’s organs, from skin to colon. Given the increase in life expectancy, the development of new lifestyles and trends in individual behaviour patterns, as well as the growing amount of environmental risks, the number of new cases of cancer has doubled in the past thirty years to reach 355,000 new cases declared in 2012.

In the light of this, technological innovation has made a considerable contribution in the fight against cancer from both a medical and a technical point of view, notably with regard to:

  • Improving the screening process which is the most effective form of prevention and way to avoid the disease from becoming terminal;
  • Developing new treatments to increase the rate of remission and reduce the rate of recurrence;
  • Enhancing the quality of life of those suffering directly from cancer or affected in some way by the disease.


DAMAE Medical by A. Barut, D. Siret and A. Dubois

The objective of DAMAE Medical is to develop an innovative optical imagery system that is revolutionising skin cancer screening methods.

The system assesses tumour malignancy in real time upon mere contact with the skin thanks to on-site and in-depth analysis of potentially cancerous cells. Designed for quicker and more reliable results, this solution reduces the costs associated with skin tumour diagnosis.

DAMAE Medical receives 1 year of support from the Altran experts team in order to improve the product and its transportability as well as being able to start the clinical tests.

Anaïs Barut and David Siret and Arnaud Dubois, the DAMAE team
Anaïs Barut and David Siret and Arnaud Dubois, the DAMAE team


The jury consists of independent experts. They are selected according to the adequacy of their skills with the theme and can come from various backgrounds: research, politics, education, industry...

In 2014, the members of the Jury of the Foundation Award in France were:

The President of the Jury: Guy Vallancien, Urological Surgeon and Professor at the University Paris Descartes.

Members of the Jury: 

  • Axelle Davezac, Executive Director of the ARC Foundation for Cancer Research
  • Gilbert Lenoir, Responsible for the operation to Gustave Roussy Cancer Campus
  • Annie Chicoye, Health Economist and Executive Director at the Paris - Singapore Institute of Management Health ESSEC
  • Anne-Sophie Tuszynski, Founder of Cancer @ Work
  • Françoise Ellien, Psychologist and General Secretary of the French Society of Psycho - Oncology , SFPO