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2014 Award in Italy


Smart cities & Citizenship

To manage the present and future complexity of the urban areas, we need digital tools that allow citizens to actively exercise their citizenship through knowledge-sharing, discussions and collaborations.

In 2014, the Altran Foundation Award in Italy focused on the participation and involvement of citizens as an axe on which we have to build smart cities. The Foundation will award technology solutions that provide effective tools to manage urban issues through the involvement of citizens in many areas: mobility, access to welfare, education, culture, public spending, etc.

The 2014 Altran Foundation Award on "Smart Cities and Citizenship" aims at identifying and rewarding innovative technological projects which will help to implement: 

  • Systems to help citizens and decision makers to talk to each other
  • Digital platforms to facilitate the participation of citizens in decision-making
  • Systems to efficiently use open data
  • Systems to share goods and services (e.g. carpooling, bike sharing, platforms for the exchange of goods and exchange of opinions, etc.).
  • Sensors and infrastructures to map and monitor the management processes in the city.


Park Smart, by Pierluigi Buttiglieri

This project aims to optimise urban mobility helping drivers to find parking slots. It integrates software based on existing video-surveillance solutions used for territory control. Park Smart is then able to send real-time data to users, informing them about the availability of parking spaces that corresponds to their type of vehicle or needs (space reserved for disabled drivers for example). This system provides citizens with a more sustainable mobility, reducing their impact on the environment.

The prototype of Park Smart was created in October 2014 and was recently rewarded by Edison SpA as the best project in the “smart communities” category. The Altran Foundation Award allows them to benefit from a 6-month support from Altran experts.

Pierluigi Buttiglieri with Marcel Patrignani, Chairman and CEO of Altran Italy
Pierluigi Buttiglieri with Marcel Patrignani, Chairman and CEO of Altran Italy


In 2014, the members of the Jury of the Foundation Award in Italy were:

The President of the Jury: Alberto Martinelli, Professor Emeritus of Political Science and Sociology at the University of Milan

Members of the Jury: 

Francis Alexandria, Architect, PhD in Regional Planning, Professor at the Mediterranean University of Reggio Calabria

Maurizio Morisio, Professor at the Polytechnic of Turin Research Group in software engineering

Carlo Maria Medaglia, Professor of Human-Computer Interaction and Usability, Systems and Technologies for Communication at the "Sapienza" University of Rome

Francesco Vatalaro, Professor of Telecommunications Engineering Faculty - University of Rome "Tor Vergata".

Key figures:

  • Among European countries, Italy is among the last countries in the ranking of the percentage of waste (18%) for energy recovery.
  • The production of biodiesel and bioethanol released for consumption in Italy amounted to 1,367,434 t in 2010. This activity has employed 375 people and generated a turnover of more than € 1.3 billion.