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Overview of the 2014 Awards


The Altran Foundation for Innovation’s action focuses on national competitions around innovation in different countries. Every year, each country selects a theme for its own award. In 2014, four countries organised a national competition: France, Italy, Portugal, and the UK.

An international competition is then organised between all national laureates. The International Award and the Innovation Makers Award represent the opportunity for the laureates to widen their network of contacts and to benefit from the visibly offered by Altran’s global presence.

2014 Award

2014 National Awards


The award themes change every year. As many themes are worth addressing, each participating country selects a theme relevant to national issues. In 2014, the themes chosen by the participating countries were: 

  • France: Technological innovation designed to improve the lives of cancer patients at the technical, medical and human levels
  • Italy: Smart cities & Citizenship
  • Portugal: Technological Innovation & Telemedecine: to improve healthcare and patient care
  • The UK: Intelligent Systems


The Foundation entrusted the national juries the task of selecting laureates among the candidates. The jury members are independent experts in the field of the chosen theme: specialists from research, politics, teaching, industry, etc.

  • France and International: An optical imagery system for skin cancer screening - DAMAE Medical
  • Italy and Innovation Makers Award: A system to optimise urban mobility - Park Smart
  • Portugal: A non-invasive imaging system for the diagnosis of atrial fibrillation - IBI-Cardiorotors
  • United Kingdom: A car that can be driven by a qualified quadriplegic driver under racetrack conditions  - SAM (Semi-Autonomous Motorcar)


The Altran Foundation rewards winning projects with a 6-month technological support by Altran engineers. This assistance draws on Altran’s entire scope of expertise in the fields of research and scientific innovation, including the development of innovative technologies, industrialisation, intellectual property, project management, cost optimisation and the selection of partners.