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Employee involvement

Skills and involvement

In addition to the main objective, which is to provide support to creators of promising projects that serve the common good, the Foundation's Awards also seek to involve Group's employees. Indeed, the Foundation is a place where Altran values come together and are fully expressed, through multiple projects. It also is an opportunity to promote the engineering profession and its ability to be a source of innovation and to find solutions for human benefit.

All employees can be involved in the project in a variety of ways:

  • Inviting potential candidates to apply (mobilisation of the network)
  • Coaching candidates
  • Examining the applications during the pre-selection phase
  • Auditing the finalists
  • Supporting the laureate in their project with the backing of the Foundation

About coaching

The Altran Foundation proposes a coach to candidates willing to improve and optimize their applications.

This coaching is made by Altran consultants. Coaches help candidates to get a better understanding of the award so that they can properly prepare their application and oral. The objective of coaching is to answer the candidate‚Äôs questions, help him going further in his reflection and help him going through his application file.

Through meetings or phones calls, the consultant assists the candidate without stepping within the creation of the project. He makes sure the quality and the deadlines of the project are being respected. From the preparation of the application form until the Grand Oral, the consultant is here to advice.

For the consultant, being coach enables sharing experiences and knowledge on the world of innovations. This is a way to extend the dimension of the usual work while staying in the professional world. Finally, this is the occasion to give birth to projects which purpose is to serve the common good.