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Altran Support Team

The Altran Foundation for Innovation awards innovative projects in the public interest by guiding their organisational, managerial, industrial and strategic development. Through expertise-based sponsorship, the Foundation offers tailored solutions for each and every project it supports.

For the DAMAE Medical project, the team was made up of experts from various sectors to meet the project's technical and strategic requirements.

Xavier de la Casa

Xavier joined Altran in 2010 and has a multi-role position including the management of the Mechanical Engineering practice and the animation of a calculation centre near Paris. In 2015, he became Solution Manager of Design to Performance and Co-creation solutions.

He is in charge of the project to support the Foundation's laureate. Xavier contributes to laying out the key aspects of the support initiative. He also guides DAMAE with regard to its overall strategy and helps enhance device performance.

Hélène Goïot

Hélène joined Altran in 2010 as a Consultant in clinical pharmacokinetics. Today, she is a Senior Medical Development Consultant.

Hélène provides DAMAE with her insight into standards applicable to medical devices and her skill for drafting the documents necessary to prepare preclinical and clinical tests.