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Support Initiatives

DAMAE Medical, winner of the Foundation's 2014 international Award

Anaïs Barut, David Siret and Arnaud Dubois were awarded for their project DAMAE Medical, an innovative optical imagery system that is revolutionising skin cancer screening methods. The system assesses tumour malignancy in real time upon mere contact with the skin thanks to on-site and in-depth analysis of potentially cancerous cells. Designed for quicker and more reliable results, this solution reduces the costs associated with skin tumour diagnosis.

Support objectives

A team of Altran experts supported DAMAE Medical for one year, guiding the start up from the optical research laboratory to hospitals.

The objective was to transform the prototype into a transportable medical device ready for clinical trials. The support objectives were focused on three main aspects:

  • A mechanical, ergonomic and design engineering assistance so as to improve the mobility of their prototype;
  • A support regarding process and documentation to obtain the CE marking, necessary for clinical trials;
  • A project management support to help DAMAE specify their strategic and detailed planning.

From the lab to the hospital

Six Altran engineers offered guidance to DAMAE Medical. Much of the support they provided was focused on the documentation intended to further development of the device. Part of this documentation concerned the system itself: a summary of client demands, technical requirements, specifications and product terminology. The experts also assisted the laureates with preclinical test preparation, including testing procedures and the protocol for taking skin samples. The third part concerned a follow-up table setting out risks and actions for project management. This documentation also aimed to structure project development and integrate methodology for follow-up as well as a quality control strategy.

The Altran consultants also carried out a normative review of medical system classification and quality management requirements under international standard ISO13485 applicable to medical devices.

Altran's expertise helped Anaïs Barut and David Siret better understand the medical field through advice and suggestions before meetings with medical professionals. It also helped them to better manage their relations with subcontractors and prepare for industrial manufacturing by incorporating all the steps necessary into the timeline.