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Altran Support Team

The Altran Foundation for Innovation awards innovative projects in the public interest by guiding their organisational, managerial, industrial and strategic development. Through expertise-based sponsorship, the Foundation offers tailored solutions for each and every project it supports.

For the Park Smart project, the team was made up of experts from various sectors to meet the project's technical and strategic requirements.

The guidance team for this project was made up of nine experts. Six focused on Big Data and Task Payment issues. Tiziana Sforza, Milena Briganti and Massimiliano Ciotti were in charge of overall project management.

Iride Di Dio

Iride joined Altran Italy in December 2011 as Senior Consultant. She currently serves a Supervisor for the Business Intelligence Solution. She deals with Business Intelligence & Big Data across all market sectors.

For several years, she has worked to develop the market for Big Data projects with an eye to helping companies understand how their information can be transformed into services.

She currently manages a team with highly developed skills in mathematics to help our clients examine their data in a more detailed way. For Park Smart, she is the team leader for the Big Data portion of the project. She was supported in this project by Nicoletta Neri, Armando Stanco and Riccardo Gambella.

Alessandro Marzioni

Alessandro Marzioni is a Team Manager at Altran Italy. He is currently working in Rome for OASIS  Diagram S.p.A., the most successful Italian player in the banking field and creator of the leading IT banking solution. Altran is a technical partner of OASIS, and Alessandro expertly coordinates a service centre dedicated to maintenance, system integration and delivery of this solution, in a context of growth and technical development. For Park Smart project, he is team leader of the Task Payment and was supported by Fabio Ferraguto.