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Support Initiatives

Park Smart, winner of the Foundation's 2014 Award in Italy

The 2014 jury of the Foundation in Italy awarded Pierluigi Buttiglieri with its project "Park Smart". This project aims to optimize urban mobility helping drivers to find parking slots. The Park Smart mobile application uses a software based on existing video-surveillance implants used for territory control. Park Smart is then able to send real-time data to users, informing them about the availability of parking spaces that corresponds to their type of vehicle or needs (space reserved for disabled drivers for example). This system provides citizens with a more sustainable mobility, reducing their impact on the environment.

Support objectives

Winner of the Foundation's prize in Italy, Pierluigi Buttiglieri enjoys six months of guidance from a team of Altran experts. Park Smart was looking to improve its parking assistance app to encourage a maximum number of people to optimise their travel practices.  Altran experts contributed their skills to improve the effectiveness, safety and adaptability of the application.

The Altran experts pursued the following technical objectives:

  • Creation and operation of a Big Data system to help identify potential clients, improve the marketing strategy and further development of the business plan.
  • Creation of a parking space payment system directly via the app, in collaboration with managers of urban parking facilities.

Review and outlook

Big Data system:

The Altran and Park Smart teams gathered information from a number of institutions and users regarding driving habits, the most highly frequented areas, peak hours, the length of time parking spaces remain occupied, etc. These data were condensed in a Big Data system to be used subsequently as a matrix. By combining these data, the teams were able to establish the profile of potential users of the app, as well as the information necessary for travel. The marketing strategy aiming to promote use of the application - with the goal of reducing the environmental impact of automobile travel - was established and implemented.

Payment system:

The Altran experts created the payment system, making contact with all parking managers, designing the software and ensuring secure online payments. The experts put forth a solution to ensure that the system is safe and reliable, as well as ergonomic and user-friendly. Now the Park Smart App has the possibility to manage e-wallets in a trustworthy, fast and compliant way with modern web and mobile architectures.