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Waste to Energy

Waste to Energy

2013 in Italy

Laureate: Waste to Biofuels, by Francesca Raganati

Technology rewarded: an innovative response to critical issue of food/beverage industries : the possibility to convert the sugar fraction of food waste (water) streams into biofuels (biobutanol) which can be transformed into butanol, usable for automotive.

Innovating for a more sustainable world

2013 in Portugal

Laureate: Omniflow, by Pedro Ruão

Technology rewarded: a device which generates energy using wind, solar and co-generation processes.

Innovating for a more sustainable world
Technological Innovation and sustainable mobility

Technological innovation for safe, sustainable and healthy food

2013 in Belgium

Laureate: FlorPro, by GHL

Technology rewarded: a new type of fresh food products with increased lifetime, safety and organoleptic quality.

Technological Innovation and sustainable mobility

2012 in Spain

Laureate: Ernest Mendoza

Technology rewarded: a system for a total reduction of CO emissions to the environment, by eliminating emission right from the engine.

Technological Innovation and sustainable mobility

Sustainovation, the key to improved eco-efficiency

2012 in Germany

Laureate: Volkswagen

Technology rewarded: an innovative program to reduce consumption of energy, water and CO2 emissions, based on four pillars: society, efficiency, energy supply and employees.

Technological Innovation for a Smarter Mobility

2012 in Belgium

Laureate: Julien Vandeleene & David Milan Mené

Technology rewarded: a technology which handles the entire logistics management of a parking lot, with a platform using under-exploited parking areas.

Technological Innovation for a Smarter Mobility

Reduce the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere


Laureate: Francisco G. Mejia

Technology rewarded: a bio-composite based on the use of Guadua bamboo that can be used for building construction in tropical areas.



Laureate: Rudy H.L van der Blom and the company Maxxun BV

Technology rewarded: A system for concentrating light rays to improve the performance and cost of solar panels.

Water quality and water access


Laureate: Viviane Renaudin and the Centre International de l’eau (International water centre) of Nancy

Technology rewarded: A multi-effect evaporator with plates, for desalination of brackish or sea water (to increase access to potable water in developing countries).