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Intelligent systems

2013 in UK

Laureate: OrganOx metraâ„¢

Technology rewarded: a revolutionary device which has been designed to keep livers in a physiological state for up to 24 hours.

Embedded and critical systems

2012 in UK

Laureate: Bombardier Transportation

Technology rewarded: a Bombardier turnkey solution that creates improved location awareness for track workers and train operators, in order to improve safety and productivity for railway track workers.

Discovering, understanding and enjoying Science


Laureate: Pr. dr. Ing. Bob van Eijk and HISPARC (university research institute) Netherlands

Technology rewarded: an educational network of teams of college student researchers working on the construction, configuration and use of specific detection materials to bridge the gap between theoretical education and scientific experimentation.

Memory and heritage


Laureate: LAMA Project, from the work of 4 companies (Jaulard-France/Trivella-Italy/Quantel-France/Unilaser-Portugal)

Technology rewarded: Innovative process of cleaning historic monuments with a laser.