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Smart Sports

2013 in Spain

Laureate: KickScooter, by Raul y Jesus Juanatey Cores

Technology rewarded: A scooter equipped with a system helping your auto propulsion.

Innovation and technology promoting social inclusion

2012 in Portugal

Laureate: Luis de Matos, winner of both International and Innovation Makers Awards

Technology rewarded: an intelligent shopping cart designed to follow and assist people with a disability in an independant and safe manner, aiming to Integrate people with reduced mobility in today's society

Overcoming social exclusion


Laureate: Jonathan Wolpaw, United States

Technology rewarded: a system that enables people suffering with locked-in syndrome to communicate. The Brain Computer records and decodes brain waves and allows the patient to move a cursor, dictate text, control a robotic arm, etc.

Developing countries


Laureate: Guy Reinaud, President of the Pro-Natura International association 1st

Technology rewarded: Creation of coal from unreclaimed biomass (agricultural waste, etc.). This energy helps to combat deforestation while providing clean energy that is less expensive than wood charcoal and just as efficient.

2nd Laureate: Edouard Serras – France

2nd Technology rewarded: An affordable thermopile (Lufo) that can produce energy in isolated areas.

Improving living conditions in urban areas


Laureate: Julien Troquet and the Biobasic Environnement company

Technology rewarded: Process for decontaminating soils by bioremediation, with a system that uses micro-organisms for the complete breakdown of pollutants.